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Parking and service

The parking lot by Hengifoss waterfall is located where a 2,5 km long hiking trail to the falls starts. In the high season it can be jammed with cars during the day and even in the bright summer night. By the parking lot is a small house with toilets, one for each sex.

Parking and service


Hiking map

From the parking lot you start by going through a gate and climb up a flight of stairs. Then there is gravel trail for the next 1km, moderately steep, but not very difficult.

Hiking map

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How to get there

From Egilsstaðir town, the major town of East Iceland located by Highway 1, there are two routes to Hengifoss. You can drive on either the west side or the east side of lake Lagarfljot. The distance is the same, around 35 km.

How to get there



Our first advice is that you take your time to visit Hengifoss. There is so much more to explore in the surroundings then just that waterfalls. You can learn about that on this website and use it to help planning your trip.

Good advices for your trip



Hundreds and even thousands of people have taken beautiful photos of the Hengifoss waterfall.
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Some beautiful pictures


Three days

Three days by the lake. Morning stroll in Hallormsstaður Woods, wake up at Laugarfell or Hafursá to magnificent views, Hire an ATV or take a horseback ride through Hallormsstaður Woods.

Three days by the lake