Guide Apps for the area are available for pads and smartphones. You can explore the region before you visit Iceland or use the guides to get more out of your private tour.


Locatify Smartguide App for North Atlantic

Use your smartphone to enjoy East-Iceland’s heritage and nature. You can now have local guides by your side and listen to their stories, thanks to smartphone’s technology. Tours in English and Icelandic available for iPhones and Android. The small Fljotsdalur tour is for free. Get our app the next time your are Wi-Fi connected and enjoy the journey!

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Pocketguide Audio Travel Guide App for East Iceland

PocketGuide gives you tours by voice, revealing the best stories, insider hangouts and must-see sights in many tourist destinations in East Iceland. The app determines your location and a recording of your personal tour guide describes where you are – you don’t need to touch your phone or read from the screen. 

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